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The New Zealand Government funds the training of the SPCA inspectors. They are the Government authorized and appointed agency for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act 1999. In the same way, the Police are authorized to enforce the laws of N.Z.

The Animal Welfare Act allows the SPCA to go onto private property. The Act allows the SPCA to obtain search warrants and to 'remove by force if necessary' any animal that is neglected, mistreated or being denied sufficient and proper food, water, shelter or veterinarian care.
If a cat (or any animal) is being neglected or mistreated it is the SPCA's responsibility to remove the animal from the care of the person who is mistreating it.
If you know of someone who is mistreating or neglecting their animals please do the following:
  • Firstly, report the situation to the SPCA and ask them to help. Ph 349-7047 or the emergency after hours ph 366-3886
  • If the SPCA declines to help please email Cats Unloved with details and we will contact you. [email protected]

The Canterbury SPCA has over 5 million dollars in investments and property.

They have the financial resources and the legal authority to help animals in distress.